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2018 Website Trends

It’s that time again – where web designers aim to predict the trends of the year! 2017 brought us minimisation, 2018 is on track to explode the web with bright and bold new colours. In this ever-evolving world, I call home; web design, content and internet habits are constantly changing, marketing strategies completely transform in the blink of an eye (hello Facebook’s new algorithm!) so I’m here to keep you on top of this change by sharing with you the top trends for 2018.

  • Decorative details. I mentioned that last year brought us minimalisation, and it was gorgeous. But this year we’ll see decorative details taking over the web. Keep an eye out for embellishments such as icons, geos, shapesAmim and visually pleasing illustrations that do not distract from the functionality of the website. These details will breathe your personality into your online space.
  • Animation. You’ll see an increase in the use of bespoke animations, to bring a subtle difference to design, ensuring the website is playful and possibly interactive, bringing users back time and time again.

  • Hand Drawn Fonts. These fonts began building popularity towards the end of 2017, and they’re not done yet!  These unique fonts add character and charm, creating a distinctive look for your website.
  • Overlapping Text & Images. Text that slightly overlaps the accompanying image is becoming a popular effect again. It makes the text stand out, especially with colourful underlines beneath.
  • The end of pop-ups. Google recently announced that it will start punishing mobile sites that use these tactics, for instance, blocking the websites’ content completely until you click on the X button, so we’ll be seeing less of these as sites become worried about being punished by Google.
  • Sharp Gradients. The gradients also began gaining popularity towards the end of 2017, and 2018 won’t disappoint. Sharp gradients are starting to be used to help add visual interest beyond just being a gradual change in colour, giving it a modern twist for the year ahead.
  • Vivid Layers of Colour. Stacked layers of colour give an appearance of depth and texture to a website.
  • Mixing Horizontal and Vertical Text. Adding some refreshing dimension, adding text to a page with a vertical alignment will create a refreshing look to simple pages.


  • Rounded corners, baby! I love rounded corner images, I remember scrapbooking images of my children as babies and rounding every corner, and a lot of people are behind bringing back the trend! Expect rounded corners to begin appearing on some design elements such as comment boxes.
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