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3 Ways to excite your audience about a new product

The constant struggle we all face is trying to get more sales. Of course we need to make sales – we’re running a business after all, but we don’t want to get a sale through spammy or annoying measures. Quite often, we say things like “I’m not great at marketing”, or “I am no good at sales”, all of which aren’t true!

Here’s the thing.

You don’t have to be great at sales or marketing to see great results.

Here are 3 tips for you to excite your audience about your latest product launch and increase your sales.

Hint to your audience about what’s coming.

Build some excitement – you want people to know that you’re hiding a secret. People instinctively are a curious species, so piquing their interest this way will help.

Ways you can do this:

  • Create a buzz using your Insta or Snapchat stories feature. It’s a great way to show behind the scenes stuff.
  • PS. use a PS in your newsletters to hint that something is coming (ps. The team here are working on something fun and exciting! More news soon)
  • Share a photo of your new product, with most of it covered.
  • Share images of the materials used to create the new product or inspiration you’ve used.
  • Build suspense – ask your customers to guess what they think the new product could be.

But the big rule is this: DON’T GIVE THE WHOLE THING AWAY AT ONCE!

Get your audience involved

You want customers to feel like they’ve had a part in creating the product which gives them a sense of pride and ownership in your business.

  • Use a free survey tool to run an audience survey.
  • A fun way to integrate social media and these surveys is to use the Polls for Pages by Facebook app. Just search ‘Polls for Pages’ on Facebook. You’ll have the ability to ask any type of survey question you can think of and its free of charge (Thank you, Facebook!)
  • Involve a select audience at an entry level – invite a few select people to try the new product, for their thoughts and a review.
  • Involve your community at every level of development. Ask your audience for advice and tips and use that collective wisdom to create and market products accordingly.
  • Invite customers to vote on how your product looks (like a book cover) is a fun and simple way to include them.  Ask any questions from packaging ideas, to styling.

Give samples ahead of time

We mentioned this above, but this really needs its own category. Giving an early look or sample of your product to loyal customers who always rave about your business is a really smart move.  An author almost always sends out advanced release copies of her book to a group of people she knows will post great pictures and honest reviews of the upcoming release. (Which also taps into the building curiosity we talked about!) People want to be in on the secret. You can use this strategy with any physical product or online as well.

Now you just need to make sure that your launch date is solid and follow through on launching it that day! We are wanting your audience to put that date on their calendar – you’ve built the excitement and piqued curiosity, we cannot let them down with no product launch!

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