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8 Ways to Speed up your WordPress Website

When a person lands on your website you only have a few seconds to capture their interest and convince them that your site is worth shopping on. According to a report by the Microsoft Bing search team, a 2 second longer delay in page responsiveness reduced customer satisfaction by almost 4%, increased lost revenue by almost 4.5% and reduced clicks by almost 4.5%. If your site is taking too long to load most people are gone before you’ve even had a chance to dazzle them with your carefully curated content and branding.

Not only that, but as we’ve discussed before Google now includes your site speed in it’s algorithm – essentially your site speed is effecting your websites SEO! BUT!¬†First things first, you need to analyze the current load time for your website. Keep in mind that this speed may differ from page to page as it depends on various factors, namely:

  • the size of that particular page,
  • how many requests it generates,
  • whether it is cached or not,
  • and lastly, what kind of content (static or dynamic) it hosts.

The homepage of a website is usually used as a benchmark to test the load time. In order to check the speed of a website, the following two tools are used extensively across the web:



Here are 8 ways to speed up your WordPress website:

  1. Ensure you’ve chosen a good host. We suggest using RobertsonWeb ūüôā – Email hello@robertsonweb.com.au¬†for our packages.
  2. WordPress plugins are obviously quite useful, some of the best are under the caching category, as they drastically increase load time and best of all, they’re free at WP.org.
  3. Optimize pages automatically. Smush.it will drastically decrease file size without compromising on image quality, however doing this to every single image can be time consuming. There is a free plugin called WP-SmushIt which will do this to all of your images automatically as you upload them.
  4. Optimize your homepage to load quickly. This isn’t one thing, but instead a list of little things you can do.
    1. Show excerpts instead of full posts
    2. Reduce the number of posts on the page
    3. Remove unnecessary widgets from the home page
    4. Remove all inactive plugins
    5. Keep it minimal!
  5. Update your CMS. While these updates do not provide a great deal of speed increase, they do patch security issues. Holes in your security can lead to malicious code being injected into your site, slowing it down contact us at bec@robertsonweb.com.au to take advantage of our Monthly Maintenance plan that takes care of all of this for you, monthly!
  6. Cleanup your WordPress database. Deleting unwanted data from your database will keep its size to a minimum and also helps in reducing the size of your backups. It is also necessary to delete spam comments, fake users, old drafts of your content and maybe even unwanted plugins as well as themes. All of this will reduce the size of your databases and web files, thus speed up your website.
  7. 57% of websites are now using custom fonts, which is an 850% increase since 2011. It is important to serve only the fonts you need. 
    1. Open Sans
    2. Josefin Slab
    3. Arvo
    4. Lato
    5. Vollkorn
    6. Abril Fatface
    7. Ubuntu
    8. PT Sans + PT Serif
    9. Old Standard TT
    10. Droid Sans
  8. Join our Monthly Maintenance Packages РContact us today about our Basic & VIP packages!



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