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Attraction Marketing Challenge

Attraction marketing is something almost every person in direct sales uses for their business, but not as many traditional online businesses are using it, and that’s just CRAZY! Attraction marketing is well known for attracting the customers that you want for your business without pitching your business to people. Nobody likes to be ‘sold’ to, and nobody wants to be pitched to.

So, if that is true, how do you sell anything online? Attraction marketing leads with value, you’re sharing content that solves a problem for your audience! You’ll build a confidence with your audience, a trust, and with trust comes sales.

Attraction marketing can be a little confusing to start – but we’ve solved this for you. We’ve created a Attraction Marketing Challenge for you – it consists of daily prompts for posting, verbiage and more. It’s 10 days of prompts for you to use and is completely FREE!

Join the Attraction Marketing Challenge

Want to learn more about attraction marketing? Here’s my list of favourite Personal Development books that talk about attraction marketing.

Gary V is my Hero and this book changed my life!

This is a must read for anyone that works in sales!

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