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Business Quick Start Guide

“The key to success is start before you’re ready”

This quick start up guide will get you from “Will I?” to “I did it, yay!”. Starting a new business venture can be so intimidating. You’ve got the perfect idea and its something that you’re passionate about, but how and where do you start? What things do you need to do to help get your idea off the ground? Here’s our Quick Business Start-up Guide.

  • Assessing your idea – the only way to figure out if your idea is going to work is to undertake some market research. Join some business groups on Facebook and read, talk, ask questions. You can also do a free survey via Survey Monkey and ask your target audience to take part.
  • Determining your target audience – You’ll need to figure out who has a need for your product or service and who is likely to buy it. You’ll need to look at Age, Location, Gender, Income, Education Level, Marital and/or Family status, Occupation, Personality, Attitudes, Values, Hobbies, Interests, Lifestyle, Behaviour and Buying Habits. Once you’ve decided on your target audience you should consider the following questions:
    • Are there enough people who fit my target audience.
    • Will my target benefit from my product or service? Will they see a need for it?
    • Do I understand what drives my target audience to make decisions?
    • Can they afford my product or service?
    • Can I reach them with my message?
  • Do you need any licences and permits? See here.
  • Build a Business Plan – It seems like a lot of work, but a well prepared business plan can save time and money! You can find a Business Plan Template and Guide on the website.
  • Plan how you’ll keep record of sales/purchases – There’s many great apps and software available, but I’m going to suggest 2 to you. One is free, which is Wave – free financial software for small business and Xero, another great accounting software at an affordable price.
  • Build yourself a support team – and I’m not just talking about friends and family that support and love you (although they ARE highly important when going into business for yourself), I’m talking about a support team of people that you can outsource some of your business needs. People like:
    • A Graphic/Web Designer – Robertson Web have a brilliant 2 Branding Package for new businesses.
      • Branding Package – Start up – Logo Design, Business Cards, A4 Letter Head and Social Media Branding for 2 platforms.
      • Branding Package – I Mean Business – Logo Design, Business Cards, A4 Letter head, With Compliments Slip, Social Media Branding for 4 platforms, PLUS a 2 page DL Business Launch Flyer.
      • Email Bec at for details.
    • Suppliers (if you’re onselling products) – Depending on your business model, you may want to arm yourself with a list of potential suppliers of products. Contact them and discuss your options to wholesale their products. You’ll also need suppliers if you’re creating products.
    • Accountant.
    • Financial Lender (if necessary).
    • Business Coach – starting out is hard and while business coaches are often overlooked they can be vital to your success.


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Let us help you get your business up and running – Email us today for an obligation free quote

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