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Attraction Marketing Challenge

Attraction marketing is something almost every person in direct sales uses for their business, but not as many traditional online businesses are using it, and that’s just CRAZY! Attraction marketing is well known for attracting the customers that you want for your business without pitching your business to people. Nobody likes to be ‘sold’ to, and nobody wants to be pitched to.


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Using a Facebook Group to promote your business without bugging friends and family

These days, with social media marketing – Facebook specifically – it’s hard to know what to use – Your personal page? Facebook page? Facebook group?! I’m here to tell you that all three have benefits to using. Coming from a network marketing background, I can tell you that I used my personal profile a lot when I was part of the industry, it had its benefits.  Firstly, it wasn’t limited to organic reach like Facebook pages, the algorithm still stops a majority of your friends from seeing your posts, but that’s still better than the sometimes 5 or 10 organic reach I could get on my business page. (more…)

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