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Creating an Inspiring Workspace for 2018

Wherever you work– you spend most of the day at your workspace so you should feel stimulated and inspired.  If your workspace is making you feel anxious, stressed or disorganised it’s time to make a change! Here’s some tips to help you create your perfect workspace in 2018.


A decluttered workspace is essential for work flow.  This beautiful, minimalistic space is perfect. Minimalist approach – all items on your desk should serve a daily purpose


Credit: The Beauty Dojo


Desk draw organisation!

Credit: I Heart Organising

Organised Paperwork!

Take a look at any paperwork and important documents, are they in a pile on your desk or stuffed in a drawer?

Credit: Best Friends for Frosting.

And if you struggle to have your own office space, check in at Creative Space, they might have an office space advertised to rent that will suit your perfectly. Look at these amazing spaces just waiting for you…. or if Creative Spaces doesn’t have what you’re looking for, there’s hundreds of places that rent out some stunning office spaces across Australia.

Credit: CreativeSpace



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