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New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Business in 2018

I know, you hear the phrase Resolutions and your mind immediately escapes to thoughts of diets, losing weight, saving money and becoming a better you, but we’re not here to discuss those today – instead I want to discuss with you a few small resolutions you can do (and KEEP!) with your business to help see better growth in 2018!

  1. Get Social – have you been putting off growing your social media presence? It’s a costly mistake to make! According to Social Media News as of October 1st Facebook has 15 million active Australian users, Instagram has 9 Million Australian Active users, Snapchat has 4 million DAILY active Aussie users and Twitter coming in at 3 Million active Aussies a month. Australians are some of the most prolific social media users in the world, with a total of around 70% of our country’s population an active user on Facebook and 50% of the country logging in at least once a day. You are missing out by not creating a social media presence for yourself.
  2. Become a better communicator – Receive feedback with grace and dignity, never take a customers complaint to heart (its not personal) – instead, use it as a way to improve what may be lacking in that area and grow and learn  from it. Cultivate relationships with your clients – don’t be afraid to ask questions, use Polls on Facebook, or reply to every comment on your social media. You’ll thank me for this later.
  3. Manage cash flow better – Have you seen the app TrackMySpend? ASIC created this app to help you know where your spending habits lie. Receive updates on how much you’re spending, where it’s going and where you can improve. If you’re really stuck, I’d also suggest looking into a financial counsellor and utilising ASIC’s Budget Planner.
  4. Become more productive – Each night, write yourself a to do list of things you want/need to accomplish the next day. Pick the Top 3 tasks and before any other items are completed, complete those three tasks first! Choose bigger tasks, tasks you’re avoiding – the no fun ones! You’ll become more productive when you Eat That Frog and it becomes habit to do the yuckier stuff, first!
  5. REFUSE to give ‘mates rates’ – your time is WORTH IT! Don’t charge anything less than you’re worth.
  6. I will delegate – The housework is driving you crazy, screaming at you while you’re trying to build your empire?! DELEGATE IT! Hire yourself a cleaning lady 1 day a week, hire a dog walker, whatever you need to delegate the problem, to bring yourself a bit more peace of mind and you can spend that time working on your business without having a case of the guilts.
  7. Take a vacation – your business and your clients will survive a few days without you. STOP. Take the break, put away your phone and remember to smell the roses!

Robertson Web can help with many of the resolutions on this list – from creating and maintaining social media accounts, to delegation tasks, we’re here to help! Contact us for an obligation free quote today!

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