Luxury, don’t we all just love that little bit of luxury in our lives. Brings joy, peace and light to what these days, can be a fast pace stressful life, work, children, commitments just life in general.

With that in mind check out the amazing new and luxurious website we have been working on with Kedis. Beautiful gorgeous smelling candles to take you to that perfect place in your mind. Peaceful and soothing smells, Armantine - The sparkle of dew in sunlight, the sheer joy of celebration. Rene - Rain-beaded roses, the perfume of sweet wet soil, crushed green basil in your hand and Obsidian - Sensual and masculine, leather and cashmere. What more could you ask for, a little bit of luxury without breaking the bank balance married together with the amazing wines from Australia’s leading winemaker Rob Dolan, a true match made in heaven.