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Miss Biscuit

What We Did

  • Website Boutique Design supplied by client’s designer Sarah Thompson Freelance Designer
  • Development WordPress Based Platform
  • Including Information, Online WooCommerce Store, Subscribe, Search Function, Contact Us Form
  • Fully Responsive for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile site

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Miss Biscuit is all about beautiful biscuits. We create delicious and unique custom biscuits for all occasions, we teach others how to create beautiful biscuits and we supply the specific decorating items required to create these masterpieces.

Custom biscuits have a vanilla flavoured base with a fresh lemon (meringue style) royal icing. Other flavours such as gingerbread and rich dutch chocolate bases will be offered occasionally through the online shop.

For custom made biscuits for your special occasion, please contact us to obtain a quote and discuss your requirements. The biscuits are made in Yarraville, Melbourne and can be delivered anywhere in Australia. Please be aware that custom biscuits need to be ordered well in advance and Miss Biscuit is often booked out 6-8 weeks ahead of time. If you have a last minute requirement or for seasonal biscuit ranges, please check the biscuit shop for what is currently available. { more }

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