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The Smallest Tribe

What We Did

  • Website Boutique Design supplied by client’s designer Sprowt
  • Development WordPress Based Platform
  • Including Information, Online WooCommerce Store, Blog, Subscribe, Search Function, Wholesale Form, Contact Us Form
  • Fully Responsive for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile site

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About Client

The Smallest Tribe is for kids. I design and make ethical, organic clothes for kids that are built for adventure. If they can run, jump, climb, throw, slide, dig, build, create, explore and imagine in it, you’ll find it here.

All my clothes are designed so your kids are crazy comfy and free to move. There’s no scratchy tags, tight elastics or itchy fabrics – only the softest organic cotton for the ultimate comfort, leaving them free to actively explore their world in style.

The Smallest Tribe is for you. The days are long, but the years are short. Time moves so quickly, silently sneaking our babies away from us and leaving toddlers, kids, teens and young adults in their place. Your kiddo is already cute and perfect enough, threads from The Smallest Tribe is just like putting icing on the already delicious cupcake. These days, we all have cameras in our pockets, in our bags and in our hands all day everyday. We have the ability to capture everyday moments and even the smallest milestones – first ice creams, first sand castles, first baby cinos – like never before.  { more }

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