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Preparing your Business for Christmas

The end of the year is fast approaching and for small businesses, now is the perfect time to start prepping for a successful holiday season. Whether you just need to add finishing touches, or create an entire campaign, here are some things to consider in the coming weeks in the lead up to Christmas shopping season.

Here are 4 top priorities when looking at your seasonal strategies:


1. Is your shop prepared to handle the Holiday rush?

You may have a bricks & mortar or an online store, but you need to ensure you’ve taken the necessary steps to handle the demand in the lead up to Christmas. Some important things to consider:

Inventory – anticipating demand can be tricky, it’s important to stock up on the right products to avoid dealing with no stock issues, but you don’t want to overestimate.

Employees – Can your existing staff handle the rush or should you hire a Christmas casual? If you need a casual, get them on board a couple of weeks before the Christmas season.

Ecommerce – can your website easily handle the traffic from the holiday rush? Ask your developer about loading time and checkout speed and see if there’s anything they can do to get those numbers as low as possible.


2. Promotions and Content?

What kinds of content will you be sharing on social media that will engage and entice shoppers to buy? Here are a few suggestions to help.

Gift Guides – Think Pop Sugar, Cosmo plus smaller businesses usually do some type of gift guide for a small fee to be included.

Offer gift wrapping to all customers – it’s the little things that count.

Ready to Post Gifts – select some of your favourite gifts to give and place them on the homepage of your website as ready to post options for the last minute gift buyer. Positioning gift ideas on the front page will help your customers take the stress out of searching for the perfect gift, have ready to go products on display.

Social Media – ensure you spend some time using Pinterest and Instagram because these 2 sites are image-centric and allow you to showcase your products. Focusing strongly on social media at the Christmas season is a free and fun way to help increase traffic to your website.


3. Fast Shipping.

How fast can you get your products into consumers hands? Consider perhaps using only Express or Courier services during the holiday season, this will avoid disappointment in shoppers, as it really does become a make or break factor for businesses. If you have the opportunity to provide a Click and Collect service, now’s the time to take advantage of it!


4. Reduce response time.

Speed in replying to a message is often a deciding factor between good and great customer service

If you prepare your retail business now, you’re far more likely to take advantage of the Christmas rush and provide a great experience for your customers while ensuring it’s a profitable time for your business.


Robertson Web can help with Personalised Cards, Gifts and a whole lot more!

Robertson Web Design & Development can create signature, branded Christmas Cards or design and develop website campaigns to share the holiday spirit. Why not step it up a notch and let us a design a branded label to add a personalised touch to a wine bottle or corporate gift. Contact us today to discuss ideas that will make your business SHINE this Christmas. Now is the time to book in for your Christmas themed Web Banner and Facebook updates as well! Be sure to share the spirit of Christmas in style with your clients.


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