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Starting A Business – Here’s how to get started…

So you have an idea and you think it’s a good one. Something other people would like to use, to see, to have or to go to…

That’s great first step in the journey.

We have lots of people in Australia who have had that one great idea and been able to not just get it from A to B, but from A to Z. That’s the hardest part.

Mervyn Victor Richardson invented the Victa Mower in his backyard in Concord in 1952.

Lance Hill began to manufacture the Hills Hoists in his backyard in 1945.

We also have some amazing current Entrepreneurs in Australia. Lorna Jane for example, started her Company designing workout clothes because she was dissatisfied with what was available in the late 1980’s. Her Company is now worldwide, with an estimated value of $500 million. Just that one idea.

Then there is Janine Allis who started working at the age of 17 as a media assistant, did some modelling and even managed a gym. Then she started Boost Juice in her home in 2000. Her first store was located in Adelaide, now the franchise is in 13 countries. Her estimated worth is $66 million. Once again just one idea.

There are many examples of Australians that have come up with that one great idea and managed to get it from A to Z successfully. (A to B is the easy part)

In our time, we have so much information on the Internet that it is difficult to know were to start. Here are a few important things that you must do once you have that great idea.

  1. Choose a Business Name
  2. Itemise the skills needed to start this business
  3. Set down your business goals, objectives and skills.
  4. How much income do I need my business to make. (Very Important)
  5. Think …. Is this a hobby or a possible business
  6. List the pros and cons of starting my own business (Be realistic)
  7. Make sure you have a Business or Marketing plan in place. (Business Coach can help with this)

If you come up positive once answering all of the above its time to go for it.

When you are ready for your Business Identity to take shape contact us!

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