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Using a Facebook Group to promote your business without bugging friends and family

These days, with social media marketing – Facebook specifically – it’s hard to know what to use – Your personal page? Facebook page? Facebook group?! I’m here to tell you that all three have benefits to using. Coming from a network marketing background, I can tell you that I used my personal profile a lot when I was part of the industry, it had its benefits.  Firstly, it wasn’t limited to organic reach like Facebook pages, the algorithm still stops a majority of your friends from seeing your posts, but that’s still better than the sometimes 5 or 10 organic reach I could get on my business page.

So for a long time I converted to using my profile. However I am a lover of Facebook pages, I’ve spent years mastering the art of how to create lots of organic reach on my Facebook page while keeping my spending to the bare minimum, but that’s a story for another blog post. Facebook pages give you the ability to pay for advertisements which is awesome, BUT the problem is society is so used to seeing advertisements in their newsfeed. They’ve become so accustomed to seeing these advertisements that their eyes glaze over, their blinders go on and your advertisement isn’t really being seen. In a future blog post, I’ll share with you how to stand out from the crowd using Facebook advertisements so people not only SEE you, but interact with you too!

That leaves Facebook groups. I LOVE some Facebook groups – what I don’t love is people adding me to them without asking first. So as a bit of a warning before you start building a group and adding everyone you know – DON’T! It’s the fastest way to get unfriended! But it has it’s upsides – most people will see or get a notification when you post so the chances of them seeing your content is much higher.

Here’s a few tips that I’ve put together to help you not only grow your group without bugging friends and family, but also tips to help you make your group THE place people want to be!

  1. Set up your group BEFORE you add anyone. New people in your group will get a notification every time you post, so ensure that they’re not being bombarded with notifications the minute they join the group.
  2. Ensure that they have something to look at or read through once you have added them. Your group needs to be ready to go, filled with images and information.
  3. Set up your group so it’s targeting your niche market. You can call the group your business name, but you’re more likely to find new, organic users by using a niche name. For Robertson Web, instead of calling it ‘Robertson Web’, I would call it ‘Chic Web Design for Business’. You want to be able to be searchable. Also, add in your tags upon set up, it will help you be found in searches too.
  4. Ensure your brand is consistent across all your platforms – use the same Group cover that you use on your Facebook page. Consistency builds confidence, and helps users find you.
  5. To find clients in Facebook groups you must get visible, show up as an expert, engage, stay consistent and build relationships So this is going to mean WORK, but you’re not scared of work are you! Here’s a few things you should be doing daily to group your group organically, using other Facebook groups like networking groups, mum’s groups, etc. My suggestion is to pick 1-3 groups that you do this in, daily.
  6. Comment on at least one post in each group. This comment should be a real response not just a “Welcome” or “Great Post”.  You need to really read the post and give your thoughts or feedback on it.
  7. Reach outs. Every day I reach out to at least 1 person in each group. I NEVER reach out to them with the intentions of selling them. I reach out to them with the intentions of getting to know them. Nothing more and nothing less. They may end up being a new client or a business bestie. Either way I always reach out to someone each day.
  8. Add VALUE. If you are just starting in the group, then you want to do this for a couple weeks before you even try and post a promo because you want the group to start to know you before you start trying to sell them. If someone asks a question and you have a great blog post that answers that person’s question – link it! If you can help that person, do it. You’ll grow your credibility and once you do a promo people will jump right in.
  9. Lastly… You should post in your group twice a day – it’s easy to go overboard because you’re so excited, but people don’t want to be bombarded with posts. And promise me, only post 1 promo a week! Your content needs to be valuable and engaging. For instance, if Robertson Web had a group, I would spend time sharing interesting blogs, articles and marketing tips, as well as things about me (what goes on in my life), questions to engage, topics relevant to my niche market. Good Luck setting up your Group.
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