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What is SEO & Why is it important?

SEO is a way to create a seamless user experience. Optimized correctly, SEO communications your intentions to search engines, so that the search engines will recommend your website to a consumer looking for your product or service.

Search engines look for content that is most relevant to what the consumer is looking for, and that is determined 4 ways. Through Content, Performance, Authority and User Experience.

Content is the text on your website, the titles on your page, the name of the images, and descriptions.

Performance is how fast your site works and how well it’s performing.

Authority looks for content that is good enough to link to other websites.

User Experience looks for how the site looks, it’s bounce rate and easy of navigation.

What can stop your website from being picked up by search engines?

Keyword stuffing is one that can really harm your chances of search engines recommending your website. Purchased links, and poor user experience will also harm your chances of being recommended.

So what can you do to grow your chances of search engines sharing your website? There’s a number of ways to increase your chances.

  1. Know your business model – basically, what are your main goals? You need to ask yourself what defines conversion for you? Is it the number of sales you receive? Is it the amount of traffic coming to your website, or could it be the length of time they spend on your website? Are you selling to eye balls? Meaning, is your content attractive and eye catching that draws the consumer in and makes them want to buy?
  2. Be consistent with your keyword strategy – All social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc should all have the same, consistent keyword strategy.
  3. Keep your domains consistent – sub categories are great to use, but there’s a way to use them effectively. Instead of using blog.robertsonweb.com.au, switch it to robertsonweb.com.au/blog – it keeps a consistent feel across your domains and is more effective for your SEO efforts. Your key words in your domain name are also fantastic if you can add them.
  4. Don’t forget mobile! – always optimize for desktop, but don’t forget mobile and tablets! Create media rich content (Facebook LOVES media rich content like videos) as this is more likely to rate, than plain text. If you use flash or PDF content, make sure you read up on the best practices to ensure search engines are crawling your site.
  5. Meta tags – they’re pretty much ignored these days but if you are going to use them make sure they’re specific to your website. Title tags should be unique – think of your title as a 4-8 word advertisement – do your best to entice the consumer to want to know more.
  6. Properly tagged images – make sure you’re putting in the alternative text when uploading images. Search engines can’t see images, but they can read the alternative text. Ensure the information is as accurate as possible and it will increase your chances of images appearing in Google Images.
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