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You’re about to book a Web Designer…..

…but wait! Do you have everything ready to streamline the process for not only the designer but yourself?  Here’s a handy list of items that you should have prepared, before hitting the GO button on your super amazing designer (Pssst – book Robertson Web!)

Does your business currently have:

  • a business name?  I know that sounds foolish to ask, but you’d be surprised how many people haven’t chosen a name yet!
  • a domain?

Gather together logins for:

  • Current domain
  • Current hosting
  • Current website admin
  • Google analytics
  • Social media

Have you chosen your branding? If not – here’s some things to consider

  • Colours – different colours portray different meanings, see this post here for more information
  • Fonts you like
  • Target audience
  • What values, voice and personality will your branding give
  • Who is your competition
  • What 5 words describe you
  • What your navigation buttons will be
  • Tag line
  • Deadline
  • Budget

What other brands do you admire, or what brands inspire you? Create a list of websites, images, logos – anything that inspires you and keep it handy to share with your designer. We often have clients sharing secret Pinterest boards of their inspiration which is such a useful tool for designers.

Do you have your content ready to go? To steam line the time your designer will spend working on uploading all your content, have it ready to go before your website is scheduled to begin. We suggest compiling it into a Word Document, or Dropbox.

Have you read our Quick Start Business Guide? It gives practical advise for new business owners on the things that they need to start their own business.

Have you considered How to Find the Right Designer for you?

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