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Weekly Social Media Planner


Create Thoughtful and Authentic Social Media Content

With over 1 billion – yes, that’s right, ONE BILLION – active users on Instagram each month and even more on Facebook, every business should have a social media presence.

It makes sense. You need to be where your customers are! And like it or not, many of them are scrolling through their social media feeds as you read this. And if you want to reach them, they need to be seeing your business as they scroll.

There are so many social media platforms, from Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat to LinkedIn. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, we know! But the good news is that you don’t have to be on all of them. The best strategy is to identify two platforms that you know your core customer demographic use frequently and put your energy into those. Spend some time researching each platform to find your people – and more importantly, what kind of content seems to get them engaged, liking, commenting and even sharing.

Social media is an important marketing tool but trying to keep up with a content schedule can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a weekly social media planner. Our free template allows you to plan for the week ahead, so you can post content with purpose rather than last minute panic.

Our weekly planner template also gives post suggestions to help you create a week of inspiring, relevant and engaging content for your audience. And remember, as always, authenticity is the key. Make sure you let those core business values shine through. It’s what won you customers in the first place – and it’s what will attract new customers to you in the future.


    • Experiment with the time of day you post to see when your audience is most engaged. This may be different across different platforms.
    • Video is hugely popular right now. Give it a try. Demonstrate how to use a product, chat to camera answering a frequently asked question, or show fun/informative behind the scenes footage – the sky is the limit. Get creative!
    • Consistency is key. If you can, commit to posting once a day. But don’t post for posting’s sake. Be thoughtful about what you’re sharing and consider whether it’s on brand. If you need to take the weekend off, do it – unless that’s when your audience is most engaged or your product/service is most relevant.
    • If you’re using Instagram, try a planning app to help you arrange your feed in an aesthetically pleasing way. Many apps allow you to play around with the layout before you post.
    • Curate as well as create. Not everything you post has to be original content. Sharing posts created by others can be a wonderful way to serve relevant content to your audience. Just remember, ask permission first, and always tag the original source/creator.
    • Remember that social media is for being SOCIAL. Don’t post and then forget. Keep an eye on comments and reply in a timely fashion. Social media algorithms favour those accounts that actively participate in a conversation with their audience.