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Is A Neglected Website Losing You Potential Customers or Clients?

Think of your website like a physical store. You wouldn’t dream of setting it up and then never cleaning it again – right? Just like a bricks and mortar place of business, regular maintenance is essential to keep your site looking great, functioning well, and reflecting all those core values you’ve worked so hard to establish.

So what is your website saying about you?

Can’t I Perform Website Maintenance Services Myself?

Sure! If you know about SSL certificates and protocols, and how to locate and clean malware and protect against phishing. And then there are updates and backups and you’ll need to follow up on broken links and error pages…

Yes, tech savvy business owners can carry out regular website maintenance. And non-tech savvy types could probably teach themselves the basics. But here’s the real question:

Is that where you or your team’s time is best spent?

Too often, business owners just like you push website maintenance down the to-do list when more urgent tasks arise. We understand that despite best intentions, the demands of growing your business take precedence over website maintenance. You’re busy! It happens. But when it does, the website wheels can start to fall off.

What does that look like?

  • broken page links
  • 404 error pages
  • slow loading times
  • plugins that stop working
  • compromised security and vulnerability to hacking
  • losing data due to backup problems

You’ve invested in an incredible website that you love, now it’s time to invest in its ongoing health. Just like a car, it will only look good and function well if you commit to regular upkeep.

Your website is a key asset for your business / brand. Protect it with scheduled maintenance each month.

Okay, So What Do Website Maintenance Services Include?

Once a month, we’ll get up close and personal with your website. Like a behind the scenes angel, we’ll tinker and tweak to ensure that the online face of your business stays professional, functional and beautiful. Our maintenance services include:

  • Backups: never lose data due to unforeseen hosting issues
  • Uptime Monitors: get instant notification that your website is down
  • Safe Updates: we create a restore point so that if an update ever goes wrong, we can return your site to its previous state
  • Security Checks: avoid Google penalties and protect against malware, phishing and more
  • Performance/Flag Checks: keep on top of potential issues with monthly insight into website performance
  • Manage Plugins & Themes: monthly updates keep your website gorgeous, functional and free from broken plugins and other on-page issues
  • Vulnerability Updates: real time information about what plugins are vulnerable allows us to address and report issues like CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) before they become a problem
  • Link Monitor: forget unprofessional broken links. We fix them for you!
  • Monthly Emailed Reporting:  Stay up to date and in-touch with your site without ever lifting a finger

Monthly Maintenance Plans For Peace of Mind

What we don’t know about WordPress sites simply isn’t worth knowing. We’ve spent years building and maintaining WordPress websites, both e-commerce and information based. With this expertise, we’ve created our website maintenance plans to be the hassle-free way to ensure your website is updated, secure and performing well.

Our ‘set and forget’ WordPress website maintenance plans are designed to:

  • Optimise site performance, functionality and visual appeal
  • Maintain the professional online image you’ve worked hard to establish
  • Maximise security, safeguarding against hacking and other vulnerabilities
  • Provide alerts if and when necessary via email or mobile
  • Protect your data with monthly backups
  • Create peace of mind and extra time so that you can get back to running your business

Our WordPress Website Maintenance Services Plans

Hands off, hassle-free monthly maintenance starts here!

For Information Based Websites
$109 ex/GST month

Please note:
Yearly Package/s Available
$$ Save 2 Months $$
12 Months = $1090 ex/GST yearly

For Large/Ecommerce Websites
$159 ex/GST month

Please note:
Yearly Package/s Available
$$ Save 2 Months $$
12 Months = $1590 ex/GST yearly

Don’t lose another potential customer to an unprofessional and underperforming website.

Any Questions?

We know tech talk isn’t for everyone.
We’re here to answer any questions you have about our website maintenance plans!

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