RW TRIBE : Palisades Australia Pty Ltd

In collaboration with Megan from Happy Splat amazing branding skills, we designed and built the Palisades website from the ground up. A slick, seamless user experience was paramount for this client, as was a website that reflects the professionalism, innovation, and excellence that lie at the core of the Palisades brand.

To ensure the site continues to perform optimally, we support Palisades with monthly site maintenance. This ongoing service offers our clients ultimate peace of mind to know that their site will continue to look and function exactly as it should, maintaining and elevating the brand image and ensuring an effortless user experience.

what the client said

Palisades has complete confidence in the technical artistry of RobertsonWeb.  As a technology focused organisation, it’s important that our partners are specialists in their field and can advise us on the most effective and efficient way to build and manage our public facing brand.  Our customers agree and continually comment on the quality and professionalism of the Palisades website.

We see our relationship with RobertsonWeb as enduring.  Together we have architected a multi-year plan with the right foundations to allow our website capabilities to expand as our business grows.  RobertsonWeb manage and maintain our website technical environment to ensure these foundations remain relevant, secure and can accommodate new industry capabilities as they emerge.


Jodine Bishop