Pet lovers prepare to fall in love with this incredible photography studio! Zoo Studio specialises in professional portraiture that captures the unique personality of your favourite furry friends.

Browse through their gallery to see how vividly they capture the beauty and quirks of cats, dogs, birds, and other beloved creatures. As proud owners of a much adored doggo, we understand what an incredible gift this kind of photography is. If you’re in Melbourne or Brisbane, there’s a Zoo Studio in your town just ready to give your gorgeous pet their close-up moment!

We collaborated on this project with Megan from Happy Splat Design. Creating a website that showcases the talent and magic of Zoo Studio was so fun.

what the client said

“I cannot thank the lovely and amazing Danielle for all the hard work she has put into our stunning new website for Zoo Studio. Danielle took the time to learn about what was important to us and our clients. Her communication is brilliant and whenever I have needed something, Danielle has always given us 200% in the way she completes everything and lets us know before, during and after each thing required.

RobertsonWeb actually know and understand the importance of customer care and I can honestly say it has always been an absolute pleasure working with Danielle and her team. Every bit of attention to detail is given throughout the entire process which has been something we have truly appreciated and loved.  Thank you for everything. It’s such a pleasure working with you.”


Lorraine - Zoo Studio