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  • How, when and why did you start this business?
  • Your Mission Statement is WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHO you help and HOW you help them in 2-3 sentences. Feel free to start with My/Our mission is... 
  • A vision statement gives your business a sense of direction, sets your beliefs. What are your manifesto statements? What do you believe all your clients/customers deserve? What basic human emotions do you  appeal to? 
  • An example of a brand extension would be a Personal Trainer who also runs a fitness Challenge, or an Interior Designer who also has a retail store. Under your brand’s umbrella, what parts and pieces are there?
  • If it is easier, start with adjectives that describe how someone feels before/during/after your service/product.
  • Usually includes gender, age, socio-economic status, pain points
  • Create a persona with name, age, profession, likes/dislikes of a person who would buy/use your product/service.
  • Ho​w does your ideal client avatar feel b​efore, during and after ​working with you/buying from your brand
  • Core Values are the reason why someone invests in your brand beyond the transaction of purchasing your  product or using your service. What values do you wish for your brand to embody?
  • Why would an existing client or customer tell everyone they know about your product/service?
  • Please link specific examples from your industry, and list why they are your competitor. 
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what clients have to say

Italian Style Weddings

RoberstonWeb are the 2nd web developer I have worked with. Because of a mixed experience with our 1st website, for this new project, we were recommended Danielle and her team by our graphic designer. Being based in London, I was initially a bit anxious about using a developer on the other side of the world. Any misgivings were soon put to bed. Throughout the whole process I have found Danielle and her team super responsive and we are absolutely delighted with the outcome. For the type of website we are, design and functionality were key. We continuously receive great feedback from customers and users and we are really grateful to Danielle and her team for giving us the platform to continue to build our new and exciting business.


Alice and Andy



Danielle is SUPER helpful and resolved all my website issues after it had been left for ages without being updated (my bad)! She was a life saver when my stressed out brain went into overdrive! Thank you so much for looking after me and Imageffect! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Danielle




Rhythm and Light

I Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the team, Danielle!  

We’ve been working together for a number of years now and everything you offer from digital design, web development to support and upgrades have been on point and efficient, plus your creative skills are awesome.

I’ve loved working with you from the start and always recommend you to others.

With Gratitude




Australian Gourmet Gifts

Danielle has been looking after our website for years and honestly we don’t know how we would cope without her. We consider Danielle an essential and integral part of our business. In relation to our website, it was developed from scratch by RW and it is outstanding! … it is beautifully designed, super-efficient and clean for SEO purposes, and performing a lot better than competitor websites. In addition, the RW maintenance and ongoing support is essential as there are always updates and changes in this domain, Danielle is always on top of this. If there is an issue, it is handled and resolved immediately. I cannot praise Danielle and RW enough!




The Hanger Bag

I was revamping my 6 year old business image, RobertsonWeb was recommended to me. I’m so pleased she was, Danielle is so professional, friendly, delivers on time and easy to liaise with. She created an image that was modern and fresh. I highly recommend the team at RobertsonWeb with no hesitation. 




Metamorph Health & Fitness

I cannot even begin to tell you the incredible relief it is to have RobertsonWeb as an integral part of our team.
We run a small business & in that paradigm you wear every hat for everybody & it is exhausting....when we teamed up with Danielle we just knew that it was going to produce something special ....straight away there was a symbiotic clarity & understanding of exactly what we needed, the direction we needed to go in & the strategy to get there.
She listened, observed & understood what we wanted to portray to our clientele & produced the most incredible marketing tools, re-branded our logos & created the most beautiful, clear & concise website!!!
Without a doubt she has saved us both money & time! To do what she does would literally take me days to produce, & my content was no where near as aesthetically pleasing nor as good a quality as what she can produce!!!
We feel so supported & acknowledged by RobertsonWeb as they continue to roll out eye catching materials that without a doubt bring in more clientele for us!



Danielle & the team at RobertsonWeb are brilliant.

Right from development to launching & still to this day our business has been provided with consistent quality service & overseas support when we’ve needed.

We recommend RobertsonWeb Design!
Feature Film . Television . TVC . Freelance . Logistics . Support

Angel + Fizz

2nd Generation Grips

I just love the website that Danielle and her team at Robertson Web have created for me!  They have creatively linked together my areas of art and music in a visually beautiful and unique way. Danielle is so supportive, helpful and patient will all my ’non tech’ questions and any new functions I want to add as my business grows.
She is amazingly creative and understands very quickly the heart message of my website. I highly recommend Danielle and the Robertson Web team!  It’s been such a delight working with them and I look forward to more!


Loretta Waldron