• Full Name to appear in Identity
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  • How, when and why did you start this business?
  • Your Mission Statement is WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHO you help and HOW you help them in 2-3 sentences. Feel free to start with My/Our mission is... 
  • A vision statement gives your business a sense of direction, sets your beliefs. What are your manifesto statements? What do you believe all your clients/customers deserve? What basic human emotions do you  appeal to? 
  • An example of a brand extension would be a Personal Trainer who also runs a fitness Challenge, or an Interior Designer who also has a retail store. Under your brand’s umbrella, what parts and pieces are there?
  • If it is easier, start with adjectives that describe how someone feels before/during/after your service/product.
  • Usually includes gender, age, socio-economic status, pain points
  • Create a persona with name, age, profession, likes/dislikes of a person who would buy/use your product/service.
  • Ho​w does your ideal client avatar feel b​efore, during and after ​working with you/buying from your brand
  • Core Values are the reason why someone invests in your brand beyond the transaction of purchasing your  product or using your service. What values do you wish for your brand to embody?
  • Why would an existing client or customer tell everyone they know about your product/service?
  • Please link specific examples from your industry, and list why they are your competitor. 
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what clients have to say

Australian Gourmet Gifts

I have worked with other web designers before but was never satisfied with the end result. From start to finish my interaction with Danielle was professional, stress-free and I had complete trust in their ability to deliver.

Their difference is :

  1. RW don't use templates as standard, they are custom built to match my vision and bespoked to my needs.
  2. RW took the time to listen to what I wanted but also brought their own ideas, experience and creativity so that the end design was more rounded.
  3. RW understood that I needed to see things in a visual context and have some flexibility to 'play' around with a few ideas.
  4. Danielle took the lead on my website and was exceptional - communication was constant and quick, they explained in terms I could easily understand and they made the whole process so easy it was a pleasure to work with them both.

Thank you for a great customer experience and fantastic end result website!

Oliver & Andrew



Danielle & the team at RobertsonWeb are brilliant.

Right from development to launching & still to this day our business has been provided with consistent quality service & overseas support when we’ve needed.

We recommend RobertsonWeb Design!

Chris ‘Fizz’ Hansford


Empower Counselling & Coaching Services

RobertsonWeb did an amazing job with developing my website in consultation with my web designer Megan from Happy Splat.

Danielle responded promptly, was very professional and patient as I was not very knowledgeable about website development. The entire process was seamlessly executed.  

I will most certainly recommend RobertsonWeb to business associates, friends and family.


Pamela Chetty


Image Realty

Working with Danielle at RobertsonWeb has been a very easy process from start to finish. We have worked with RW for over a year now across multiple projects including a whole new custom website build, promotions & general website maintenance. RobertsonWeb skills are fantastic and we love Danielle's work.


Jace Roach


Immanuel Lutheran College

I thoroughly enjoyed working with RW Digital Design and Development. Danielle’s professionalism and expertise made what was a complex project a lot easier due to RWs extensive knowledge of web design, graphic design and coding.

It was a relief knowing that RobertsonWeb understood the many layers to our project and while complicated, they remained true to our brand.

Thank you, Danielle, for your outstanding effort.


Fiona Christie